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Reconciliation with War: A Family Journey

Charles Sidney Willsher received the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism for his service during WWII.  After the war was over, he returned home only to face an unnamed inner war which continued throughout the rest of his life. This time, his family was his victim and consequently they became estranged from each other. No one understood how to deal with the aftermath of war.

After 1980, recognition and treatment for PTSD emerged, and the family began to heal and reconcile.  One of the methods that Charles used in his healing process was storytelling. He wrote his memoir of his war experience which is included in this book. Janelle, his daughter, found a variety of helpful tools for healing and reconciliation which she shares with her readers. Their process of healing and reconciliation is described so that others may come to recognize some of their own story in the Willsher family story, and be able to find their own way to healing and reconciliation with each other and with their family’s war experience.

Stirring and enlightening, Reconciliation with War: A Family Journey offers readers a glimpse into the life of a combat war veteran and the family trauma that results from war.  PTSD is a family problem.  As more and more veterans suffer PTSD today, hopefully, we will begin to understand and approach it as a family disorder, and provide treatment for the entire family. Ideally, when a family unit seeks therapy, they receive the opportunity for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical transformation that benefits all the members of the family.  Fortunately, a gift can emerge from the pain: by working through the wounds of war, a family can realize greater love, forgiveness, tolerance, patience, and spiritual development through healing and reconciliation than they might have otherwise discovered.