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Janelle Kaye, M.A. grew up in a household where PTSD ruled after her father’s experience in WWII. Deeply troubled by war and its effects on people, she escaped to Oregon after college where she became committed to the idea of nonviolence in all aspects of life. For several years, she taught a variety of communication classes in Oregon’s university and community college system, and later operated her own therapeutic business devoted to the mental, emotional, and physical healing of individuals and groups. As a result of her own recovery from secondary PTSD, she ultimately was able to reconcile with her family and teach others about methods in healing and reconciling with their families.

Charles Sidney Willsher received the Distinguished Service Cross for his service in the 9th Infantry Division in WWII.   For the rest of his life he was plagued with a variety of physical problems and severe PTSD which primarily resulted from having killed others in hand-to-hand combat. He could never reconcile having killed with his spiritual values gained from growing up in a small town in Minnesota.  He found some relief in his senior years by writing and telling his story.