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Reconciliation with War: A Family Journey

Reconciliation with War: A Family Journey

Janelle Kaye, MA, and Charles Sidney Willsher

“Only you can change the world that you create, and by changing your world, the world will change and that is the Truth that will set you free.”
― Don Miguel Ruiz

No one in the life of a combat soldier remains untouched by the trauma of war.

In Reconciliation with War: A Family Journey, author Janelle Kaye depicts how her father’s upbringing and values affected his decisions made in war, how his war experiences affected his entire family, and how his family recovered from their war wounds.

It is the author’s hope that through reading her father’s story, readers will get to know a silent hero who sacrificed much for his country. Perhaps, they will better understand the truth about war and its horrible effects on generations within families. Perhaps, they will also find a way to heal their own wounds of war and reconcile as a family. Ultimately, we as a nation, may even decide to stop waging war.